Concierge Car and Truck Acquisition

Taylor_Auto Specialists logo tealTaylor Investments Texas, Founded in 1991, has become a leader in specialty truck and sport car acquisition and sales. Taylor Investments is dedicated to providing the client with first-class service with unparalleled quality car and truck acquisitions based on the clients specific requests. Taylor Investments takes great strides to purchase the exact car or truck upon request, verify the quality of all engine components and interior specifications. The car will be personally deliver to the client once it passes the post sale inspection. The vehicles are serviced at Taylor Investments using only (OEM), Original Equipment and Manufactured, parts. We offer the client extended warranties at wholesale prices, as well as stewarding any custom additions to the vehicles whether it is interior or exterior upgrades.Range_Rover_SDV8_action

Simply put, Taylor Investments will find, purchase, service and deliver cars and trucks to you and at discounted prices. Once you decide what type of vehicle you are looking for, size, make, model, color, price range etc. Taylor Investments will scour its inventory resources to find the vehicle that best fits your criteria. If the client is happy with the findings, Taylor Investments will purchase the vehicle for you, retrieve it, service it a make it ready for delivery or available for the customer to pick up at our Dallas location. In some cases, Taylor Investments can acquire the vehicle for special occasions or surprises, store the vehicle on a short-term basis, and deliver it to a specific time and or place. Taylor will do what ever it takes to make the experience work for its clients.

Financing is always an option with good or bad credit. In most cases Taylor Investments can finance just about any vehicle with a reasonable down payment and interest rate. Taylor Investments brings the fun, savings and service back into car and truck sales and service.


Visit us at or call us immediately at 972-422-7766, and let us find your preferred vehicle today!



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