Our expertise covers media relations, social media, brand management, publicity, promotions, special events, and community and government relations. Our media knowledge is comprehensive–from management to editors, to writers, bloggers, TV personalities and columnists. Some of our media placements come from the media calling us and asking for our help. We work across the media specialties including business, legal, metropolitan, lifestyle, fashion, hospitality, food, travel, social, real estate, entertainment, medical, the arts, etc. We build brand equity for the specific segment you are trying to reach. 

An extensive and diverse client list, as well as our numerous other contacts, enables us to bring an exceptional number of “cross-promotional” opportunities to our clients.  Having served on numerous civic boards and/or worked on fund-raising efforts for various local high-profile organizations, we are able to frequently “match” companies and organizations for the common good. Few, if any, other organization in our field can access the business, social, civic, government and media communities with equal ease. This is the trademark of the Martha Tiller Company. 

We would indeed welcome the opportunity to put this background and experience to work for you. Click here to schedule a consultation!


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