childrens-100-logo“Martha Tiller and her team have a genuine passion for every client they represent.  I’ve collaborated with them on a variety of projects, and the experience has always been a pleasure.  I am most grateful for their support of our cause.” Erin Clarke, Children’s Medical Center

Dallas Arbortum

MTCO was retained by The Dallas Arboretum to supplement their excellent in-house marketing and PR team  for the 2012 Dale Chihuly exhibition.  Responsibilities including handling state and national media and marketing as well as organizing  regular detailed reports of activities.  This event broke all attendance, membership and gift shop sales records and was extended through to the end of the year.  The extensive visibility of this exhibition was credited for this extension.

Thank you for your invaluable help over the past 8 months as you handled all of our state and national marketing for the Chihuly Exhibit. Your dedication and expertise were an enormous help…when I was looking for someone to help my team, everyone suggested you and I now know why…you are such a leader in the public relations world in Dallas Mary Brinegar, President/CEO, The Dallas Arboretum

“Thank you for all you do!! I am fortunate to have you on my team.” Abraham Salum, Chef/Owner Salum and Komali Restaurants

I really appreciate all the hard work you put in…ranging from introducing me to the companies in the first place, to having all the details set up so well.  You made everything flow smoothly. – Aaron Zack, Events Manager, Willis&Woy Sports Group

“Martha!  Anything for you, of course!  Love that you still OWN Dallas!” Lance Avery Morgan, Editor in Chief,  The Society Diaries, The Society Diplomat, Brilliant Magazine

“Your help with the exhibition has been amazing.  As a PR pro, you are an inspiration.  No matter how many times someone says no, you find a way to make it happen.”  Wendy Rentz, Public Relations Manager,  The Dallas ArboretumBoats

Thank you, thank you for your tireless assistance! I can’t imagine even my closest friends in New York would have gotten up before the crack of dawn to meet me at a TV studio…how you maintained all of those logistics (arrivals, interviews, times, hotel arrangements, and on) is a wonder. Bluetooth and iPad aside, the real work was handled by you with never a miss and never a hair out of place. Tom Farley, Host/Producer, New York Insider TV

You have  a lovely way of connecting and sliding things into place with a gentle hand.  That’s a skill set very much missing today!  – Jan Strimple, Model, Fashion Show Producer

Thank you so much for your dedication to bring the best, talented chefs from Dallas to our attention.  I know the effort and time involved in planning these dinners.  Your clients are lucky to have you on their team.  – Silvi Forrest, Cooking Committee, James Beard Foundation

You were always a wonderful and gracious host…I make it a ;point to keep track of the real ;pros who know how things work, what branding is all about, and who are relationship based.  You know so many awesome people–that’s a great testimonial.  – George Gretser, Account Director, Conde Nast Strategic Markets

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you are doing for our Foundation…keep up the good work;  I recognize it and appreciate it. – Kip Petroff, – Attorney at Law and author “Battling Goliath:  Inside a $22 Billion Legal Scandal

 I just wanted to say thank you very much for having me at your office yesterday. It was a fantastic experience–I learned to much, and it was only one day! – Christina DiPinto, Student, Northwood University

Great going.  You “pulled it out of the hat” in style. – G. Dulany Howland, CFP, G. Dulany Howland Advisory Corp.

ImageOf course it goes without saying, THANK YOU.  So grateful to have you guys on board. – Gina Paterno Villalobos, President, Gina’s Organic Kitchen

“Monday was a great success…I hope Dali appreciates your effort, and the excellent press…As always, Martha’s touch assures a smooth event.” – Silvi Forrest, Restaurant Committee, James Beard Foundation, New York

“A huge THANK YOU to Amity and Martha for consistently delivering incredible results on our behalf. You guys are the best and we appreciate your hard work.” – Wayne M. Goodwin III, President, Verge Media Group, Inc., For DIFFA Dallas

“Thank you so much for all your support for Dining by Design and for DIFFA! You have been amazing ambassadors for us over the years, and we are extremely grateful. Thank you, too, for Amity. She is incredible in her position and we could not have done this without her.” – Alden Clanahan, Carol Quist, DIFFA Dallas Board of Directors

“You are a champion in my eyes and have no competition that can meet or surpass your kindness, talent, professionalism and poise.” – Rusty Williamson, Retail, Beauty and Fashion Editor, Women’s Wear Daily, Southwest Bureau

Dallas CVB“What a lovely evening. You are a wonderful hostess. Your memory of names is something I admire and a skill I wish I had. The dinner was delicious and the conversation lively.” – Sharon Walker, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you so much for the award (Nundies received). You and your team are the primary reason for this product launching so well and I am glad it was noticed.” – Will Mortensen, President, Advanced Materials, Inc.

“You were so great to work with. I don’t know what we would have done without your expertise!” – Margaret Culgan, Conference Administrator, International Peace Conference, Peacemakers Incorporated

“I wasn’t kidding when I said that you are legends in our City, and it was my honor to meet you all!”  Monica Egert Smith, Community Relations, Dallas Morning News

“Your magic wand continues to drop its fairy dust on your clients. And you make it look easy!”  Jan Dedrie Strimple, High Fashion Model and Runway Show Producer, Jan Strimple Productions

“Congratulations! They hired the best! You did a wonderful Job!”  Pat Holder, Modern Luxury Dallas Perot-cover-sm

“Thanks…You are the best. This is the most publicity Philanthropy World magazine has EVER HAD. We’re been in five newspapers so far. Didn’t even know we had that many.” – Bob Hopkins, Publisher, Philanthropy World magazine

“As I reflect on the many things I have to be grateful for, I count at the top of my list the choice that you made this past year to so generously support DIFFA’s DINING BY DESIGN 11th annual National Tour. The strength, innovation and creativity of people like you make this event magical!” – David Sheppard, Executive Director, DIFFA National Office, New York

“You did such a great job on our last (New York) visit…would want you to help us next year.” – Terry Ryan, President & COO, The Oceanaire Seafood Rooms, Minneapolis

“What a pro you are! … I know when I get something from your office it’s gonna be good.” – Juanita Brown, Editor/Publisher, Downtown Business News

“Thank you for all of your help…our senior management was thrilled with the resulting press. We couldn’t have done it without you and your team.”, – Andrea Leonarz, L’Oreal Paris, New York

“You did a great job!” – Amy Hamm, Theatre League, Kansas City

“Your great media connections certainly helped drive the reservations.” – Melanie Young, M. Young Communications, New York, For Wines from Spain

“You did a wonderful job on the lunch, I loved sitting with the spectacular Carol Channing. You’re special.” – Kay Bailey Hutchison, US Senator, Texas

“I thought you did a fabulous job putting this event together. It could not have been better.” – Michael A. Jenkins, Pres. , Managing Director, Dallas Summer Musicals

“Your friendship has been a blessing for generations of Johnson’s.” Luci Banes Johnson

“Thanks for everything, Martha. You are incredible!”- Linda K. Johnson, Exec. Director & CEO, The Women’s Museum

“Your Texas-sized heart…was just what the doctor ordered for us shell-shocked New Yorkers. You lifted our spirits at just the right time.” – Tom Farley, Senior Features Editor, Town & Country Magazine

“Your creativity and talented hand added sparkle to our years…I am overwhelmed with the organization…warmth…charm…you brought…” – Lady Bird JohnsonLadybird

“I really like your approach-that you don’t allow your clients to respond negatively to criticism. Wish ALL the other PR agents felt like you do. Most appear defensive and threatened, and they would promote so much goodwill by running their business like you do yours. I like your style.” – Ed Bamburger, Journalist

“Thanks for your friendship and continued support for Good Morning Texas. It’s always a joy to work with you.”– Todd Whitthorne, Co-host Good Morning Texas, WFAA-TV, Channel 8

“Martha Tiller is a sterling example of what public relations should be: friendly, sophisticated and helpful without being overbearing.Those clients fortunate enough to be represented by Mrs. Tiller are lucky indeed.” – Rusty Williamson, News Reporter and Fashion Editor, Women’s Wear Daily

“We feel privileged that we were able to work with you and be a part of such a creative team as yours in preparation for the ‘mile stone’ event of the decade. We both sincerely thank you for innovative and creative touches, which truly always makes a difference in any promotion. Your staff has always exemplified both your professionalism and attention to detail.” – David Carr, Jr. and Adonna Walters, Musician

“The PR lady Martha Tiller is amazing…every day the crowd got huge.” – Wyland, Marine Muralist

“You did an excellent job of organizing the publicity for the Silver Cup Awards.”
Annette Strauss, Mayor, City of Dallas

“The publicity was wonderful.”  Merlyn Mantle, Mickey Mantle Foundation

“From our grand opening to the numerous special corporate projects, you brought valuable creativity and outside expertise- locally and statewide, as well as nationally.”  Harvey McCormick, JC Penny Company

“You were superb!” – Francesca Lack, for Bailey’s Ice Cream

“You certainly lived up to the glowing recommendation.” – Kuppenheimer Men’s Clothier

“We greatly appreciate the wonderful job you did for us this year.” – Jim Round, CFO, Hartmarx Corporation

“Many congratulations to you on a job well done. The luncheon for President Corazon Aquino of the Philippines was a fabulous success, and your efforts in managing the publicity and press made it all the more illustrious.” – Cynthia Maduro Ryan, President, International Women’s Forum

“You have certainly lived up to your excellent reputation.” – Lynne Ross, ITT Sheraton Corp.



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