Established Public Relations 

“The Martha Tiller Company is committed to the impeccable management of our clients’ public image. Through  public relations efforts such as print, television, radio and online media, we assist our clients in developing a strong rapport with the public. ” Martha Tiller

MTCO taylors its wide range of services to the specific sales, marketing and branding needs of the client. Whether generating awareness in a new market, repositioning a brand, or launching a new product or business, we approach every clients needs anew, with creativity and the experience to deliver without fail.

We specialize in media relations, which clearly continues to be a hallmark of an effective PR campaign. At MTCO, we take ‘relations’ with the media to heart and have established great rapport  with some of the most influential industry leaders, locally, regionally and nationally over the past 30 years. With a finger on the pulse of emerging industry trends and the know-how to position a brand for maximum media visibility, MTCO’s PR Campaigns and media relation’s services encompass a massive list of proven solutions for our clients to enjoy.

Digital Marketing

We have seen how extremely effective marketing can be when all efforts are integrated, based on SEO keywords, and meet users’ needs. We call this our “SEO/UXD marketing philosophy”, and it is fairly unique from the public relations advertising approaches that other agencies seem to take.

“The foundation of our marketing approach uses SEO research to get into the psychology of what your target audience really wants, then give it to them via social media marketing, online ads, websites, email marketing, public relations, and established/print marketing. It’s not selling or advertising as much as it is helping people meet their needs and wants.”

Our goal is to make you as successful as possible, so we don’t have pre-packaged services. We sit down with you to make sure every dollar is being used as effectively as possible to meet your business’ goals, target audiences’ needs, and budget.

How We Know Our Work Pays for Itself (R.O.I.) We want you to see the results and know that your money was well-spent, so we’ll work with you to pre-determine key performance indicators (K.P.I.s) and intervals to measure success. These K.P.I.s may include:

  • ​Audience size​
  • Engagement levels​
  • Google Analytics traffic​ “How did you hear about us?”​
  • Number of completed lead generation forms​
  • Promotional code redemptions​

When you work with the Martha Tiller Company, we thoroughly research and define your particular situation so as to develop the following:

  • A clear direction for the ultimate goal of the campaign;
  • An accurate determination of your specific audience;
  • A strategy to serve as the blueprint to your PR campaign;
  • Specific tactics to meet the strategy;
  • A timeline for developing accurate expectations;
  • A proposed budget for each specific campaign.

Our Process

  • Free consultation to learn about your business goals, target audience, and budget​
  • Determine which services would best meet your needs​
  • Review estimate for services​
  • Sign agreement and get started!


Grand openings, multiple-day events, festivals, holiday events and special events … you name it, and the Martha Tiller Company has managed it. Although our primary focus for major events involves media coverage and media relations, we also work closely with our clients in executing all major details relating to community relations such as establishing the best dates for the event, arranging for keynote speakers and entertainment, selecting and reserving the event site, acquiring necessary permits as well as coordinating transpiration and parking.

Creative & Interactive

Powerful communication occurs at every level of public engagement, which is why the Martha Tiller Company offers clients creative and interactive services. From brand development, execution and management to websites and graphic design, the Martha Tiller Company creatives provide the visual communication support necessary to position our clients as industry leaders.

Services include:

  • Graphic design for print and digital marketing;
  • Website design and development, incorporating SEO best practices;
  • Mobile websites & mobile applications;
  •  Video production for commercial and online use

Social Media

Social media is the digital expression of word-of-mouth marketing, which is why the Martha Tiller Company offers full-service social media marketing to support all our public relations efforts. Our social media experts remain on the cutting edge of industry trends and develop customized campaigns to strategically support each of our public relations efforts.

Services include:

  • Strategic blog content developed to support the PR campaign as well website SEO;
  • Distribution of blog content via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn;
  • SEO video production with social distribution;
  • Additional digital marketing initiatives customized for each PR campaign as needed.


Books open many doors for media opportunities and community engagement. Therefore, many of our clients come to us with a book they would like to publish. From book concept to bookshelf, our turnkey book publishing consulting and creative services guide clients through each step of the publishing process.

Services include:

  • Copywriting and/or ghostwriting;
  • Book editing;
  • Publishing entity establishment;
  • Book layout and cover design;
  • Book printing consulting and/or management;
  • Distribution consulting and/or management;
  • Book fulfillment consulting and/or management;
  • Book reviews and general publicity.

 Media Training

Interacting on camera is vastly differently than “real life” interactions. Even the most confident and well-spoken individuals can feel unprepared once the lights are on and cameras are rolling, which is why the Martha Tiller Company offers customized media training. Our media training ensures clients deliver powerful messages each time we obtain media opportunities. With easy to remember tips and techniques offered through the perspective of an industry insider, our clients are able to confidently deliver on-point messaging with every media opportunity.


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